“Do it!” — The Magic of Motivating Yourself and Others

It’s really not magic but when it all comes together it can feel magical. Finding, understanding, and accessing human motivation is key to being (and feeling) productive, so this workshop will focus on the secrets in plain sight about motivating yourself and others and ways to prevent demotivation from impacting your plans and goals.

Participants can expect an interactive learning workshop filled with research and theory, real-life examples, and practical strategies to implement the learning right away. Outcomes for this workshop include positive emotional experiences, multi-sensory stimulation and novelty, participation and collaboration, and a caring and supportive learning environment.

After this workshop participants will think more deeply about human motivation, apply motivation strategies more effectively with themselves and with others, and be ready to prevent and combat the negative effects of de-motivation on theirs and others personal and professional lives.

Prior to the workshop please watch the YouTube video: “A Mile an Hour: Running a different kind of marathon” found at this link


Kelly Nickel, Shasta College Communication Instructor

Kelly Nickel, M.A. Education, is an enthusiastic and passionate educator who strives with might to motivate and inspire learners of all ages to put in the effort they know they can in order to get the results and outcomes they want and deserve.

He earned both his bachelor’s in communication and his Master’s in Education from Chico State University

For the past 15 years Kelly has served the students at Shasta Community College as a popular communication instructor, mostly teaching Public Speaking courses, but having also taught Shasta EWD classes in customer service, leadership, conflict management, and wine appreciation. 

In 2010 Kelly started a company called Bucketfillers Forever, where he travels to elementary schools throughout the Western U.S. delivering delightful school assemblies and adult workshops to motivate and teach everyone how and why to be “Bucketfillers” in all that they think, say, and do. He has also written a Bucketfilling children’s book and classroom curriculum that is currently in the illustration phase with a release date of Spring ’22.

In the Fall of 2020 Kelly was recruited by Bonny View Elementary in Redding CA to create and deliver innovative curriculum and strategies for one-on-one teaching with the first-grade students to help develop, reinforce, and support their motivation to master their reading fluencies.

When he is not teaching adults and six year olds, you can find him volunteering in multiple youth development settings, including leadership camps, conferences, and random gatherings of humans who want to be motivated to learn.





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