I would like to share my take-away from the CalSHRM meeting July 18 & 19 in Monterey:

*       $248 check was given to the Chapter for qualifying in categories set forth by CalSHRM; such as attending quarterly meeting; having a board rep at the SHRM National (thanks Brandon); the website had Legislative meeting and National SHRM info (thanks Jason);

*       Legislative update:  Paid Sick leave continues on down the path to get voted in; minimum wage increase to $13 by 2017 was vetoed.

*       SHRM representatives apologized for the sloppy roll-out of the SHRM Certification program

*       Lots of time spent on Q&A about the SHRM Certification.

*       SHRM does not have a CA certification program, yet.  People who want to get CA Certified should continue with the HRCI program.

*       You can hold as many certifications as you want to.  Recertification credits are good for SHRM and HRCI recertification.  The Chapters are responsible for applying to both for credits.

*       SHRM plans on being cost-competitive with the renewal costs on the SHRM recertification but they don’t know what the cost will be.

*       Professionals who are already certified do not have to take the SHRM exam, you will take a tutorial (for free in 2015). Pass that and you will have the SHRM certification.

*       If you are currently a PHR and take the SHRM tutorial you will have the initials SHRM-CP (Certified Professional) ; if you are a SPHR and pass you will have initials SHRM-SCP (Senior Certified Professional).

*       SHRM will be inviting HR professionals to take the pilot test exam . Names will be drawn from a data base of BOD. Test cities are San Diego, Portland, Chicago, Atlanta and Alexandria.

*       SHRM has publish a book titled Perils and Pitfalls of California Employment Law.

*       College Relations is looking for professionals to get involved in the judging process of the contest that is held annually for college chapters.

*       Sea otters have 1 million hairs per square inch on their body. Aquarium trivia – 🙂

*       Jellyfish come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Nancy Van Voris, SPHR

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