Creating a Culture of Loyalty – 07/26/18


To create loyalty in those that work for you is definitely not a cookie cutter program, it’s an individual person and taking a tailored approach to discover what their unique needs are. As a leader, we need to be as sensitive to who those are that work for us, as we are to what our customer’s needs are.

How do you know and identify what those specific needs are?

Join, Martin Flack, Vistage Chair and Executive Coach, for this leadership training where you will receive practical tips on how to create the culture of loyalty among your companies and within your teams.

Doors Open at 11:30
Speaker Begins at 12
Event Completed at 1

About the Speaker:

Martin Flack is a former CEO and entrepreneur with successful startups in Alaska and Georgia, and is the Redding chair for Vistage Worldwide, a CEO peer advisory group. He likes to practically empower leaders to achieve the breakthrough they need in business and in life. He is an executive coach, international speaker and co-founder of two coaching networks in California and the UK.

Since 1957, Vistage has brought together successful executives from a broad array of non-competing industries into exclusive, confidential peer advisory groups. Guided by your Chair – an experienced leader with a passion for mentoring CEOs – monthly meetings with your Vistage group are an opportunity to solve your most pressing business issues with colleagues who speak your language. Your meetings connect you with business leaders who understand the challenges you face and can help you strategize, innovate and move your business forward.


BBSI aims to help business owners attain their intentional outcomes.  We do this with a focus on three key areas:

  • RISK:  Lowering your risk exposure through time-tested processes and expertise that works with you to create winning solutions.  Our experienced Risk Consultant will help you keep your staff healthy and productive with best-practices in safety.
  • HUMAN RESOURCES: It encompasses nearly every aspect of your business and can invariably impact your most valuable resource – your staff.  Our experienced HR Consultants are here to help you navigate through California’s ‘unique’ labor law climate, reduce liability and engage your staff to maximize output.
  • PAYROLL:  Processing your payroll requires detailed attention and knowledge of your unique systems and processes.  Our experienced Payroll Specialists work tirelessly to help you avoid mistakes, reduce liability and keep your staff happy with timely payments.
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