Because employers typically set the transactional tone at the start of the employment relationship, they shouldn’t be surprised by what they consider a lack of employee commitment or perseverance. After all, one of the first things a new employee is asked to do is acknowledge that she has no contractual rights.

​The gig economy is getting a lot of attention these days—some good, some not so good. Gig work is increasingly attractive to a growing percentage of the workforce, particularly Millennials and members of Generation Z, who value autonomy, flexibility and work/life balance. It can also provide benefits to employers that may not need full-time staff year-round or that may be struggling to fill jobs.The trend is definitely moving toward nontraditional workers, said Ravin Jesuthasan, a managing dire

Gov. Phil Murphy recently signed into law amendments to the state’s medical marijuana law that provide greater clarity on workplace issues but creates additional obligations for employers.

Complying with marijuana laws and understanding their impact on the workplace is tricky for multistate employers, but even the laws in a single state can be difficult to navigate.

​Claims of retaliation—mostly in the forms of demoting, disciplining or terminating employees—are the charges most frequently filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). A recent lawsuit reminds employers that refusing to rehire someone who filed a discrimination claim against the company is also illegal. The EEOC charged that Stan Koch & Sons Trucking violated federal law by not allowing a former employee to reapply for a job because she had previously filed a c

Employers can expect to see change more quickly at the Department of Labor (DOL), including issuance of a final overtime rule perhaps as soon as by the end of the year, now that it’s under new leadership—new Acting Labor Secretary Patrick Pizzella.

The House Committee on Financial Services on July 11 passed legislation that would prohibit employers from using credit reports for employment decisions, except when required by law or for a national security clearance.

The U.S. House of Representatives voted July 10 to eliminate limits on the percentage of employment-based green cards awarded to immigrants from any one country.

A talent shortage, demanding employers, picky applicants and difficulty recruiting outside Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital and largest city, are among the hurdles recruiters face in this country just south of Russia and north of Iran.

​New technology could disrupt work life for tens of millions of women globally over the next decade, creating both the possibility of greater opportunity and pay and the risk of bigger wage gaps and job loss, a new McKinsey Global Institute report suggests.While men face comparable occupational disruption, workplace gender inequality could worsen for women who don’t navigate the necessary technology transitions, according to the researchers, who also cited differences in the types of jobs men an