Work-related social events are on the rise across most companies and can be a great way to bring all employees together to boost morale and encourage team cohesion. However, whilst you will no doubt want to reward your employees for their hard work and commitment to the business, we have all witnessed compulsory team-building events […]

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Winter: a season of shorter days, gloomy weather and hibernation. It’s therefore unsurprising that winter is often agreed to be the most depressing season of the year. This is combined with January being the month of New Year’s resolutions – with many workers beginning to think seriously about the next steps they want to take […]

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With every new year comes a number of new trends and it’s no different when it comes to talent acquisition. LinkedIn has spoken to 7000 professionals in 35 countries to put together what they say are the biggest trends in recruitment this year. The 2020 Global Talent Trends Report has just been published by the […]

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It’s not always easy making a connection with top talent in person. Most often, they happen in speedy small talk at career fairs, off-hand conversations at industry conferences, or formal sit-downs during the hiring process. It’s important, however, that recruiters are able to make the most of these moments so that they can attract and […]

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This established tech consultancy is differentiating itself from its younger competitors by crafting the most personal EVP possible to reach both local and global talent. Anouska Ramsay is Group Talent Director at Capgemini. Have a listen to the episode below, keep reading for a summary and be sure to subscribe to the Employer Branding Podcast. Listen […]

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Not everybody is born into money, and even those who marry into extraordinary wealth sometimes prefer to do things their own way – right Meghan? There are lots of self-made millionaires out there too (including, of course, pre-Harry Meghan) and many of them began their journey to success by knuckling down with the books. So […]

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Despite not being a priority for many businesses, security needs to be a part of every small business’s identity. With crimes against small businesses costing an estimated £12 billion a year and fraud claims on the rise, it’s the smaller firms that suffer the biggest hits if they don’t protect themselves. Companies have always been […]

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When observing highly successful people, it’s easy to assume they must have had a string of great luck that landed them in their good fortune. And, if it wasn’t luck, surely, they were born with super-human abilities that made their rise to greatness quick and effortless. But our latest research confirms good luck and good […]

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We’ve all heard of employer brand and what that can do for your recruitment efforts but there’s also such a thing as a personal brand. This week our panel of experts unpick exactly what that means and why future hires should consider having one. Kerri-Ann Hargreaves Having a strong personal brand is incredibly important. Be […]

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