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Workforce has announced the finalists for its 2019 Optimas Awards, which recognize creative people-management initiatives and human resources strategies that deliver measurable business results.

“For 29 years, the Optimas Awards have been a source of ideas, direction and inspiration for human resources professionals faced with a challenging and constantly changing business environment,” said Rick Bell, editorial director for Workforce. “This year’s list of finalists represents a wide range of enterprises that have consciously made human resources a linchpin of continuous improvement, higher performance and positive business outcomes.”

In addition to conferring gold, silver and bronze Optimas Awards in 10 HR-related categories, the prestigious General Excellence award will be given to a single visionary employer that “not only excels at responding to emerging workforce management issues but also uses proactive HR strategies to position the organization for future growth and success,” Bell said.

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The winners and their respective categories will be named in late October and will appear in the November-December issue of Workforce magazine.

The organizations named to the 2019 list of Optimas Awards finalists are, in alphabetical order:



Clemson University-Human Resources Department (Recruiting)

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Cumberland (Wisconsin) School District


DPI Specialty Foods

Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union

Interim HealthCare Inc.

LaSalle Network

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Mercer Consulting (India) Pvt Ltd

O.C. Tanner

Panda Restaurant Group

Philanthropy U

Riverside (Illinois) Healthcare

Sagicor Group Jamaica Limited

Tata Consultancy Services

Teachers College, Columbia University


Ultimate Software

Valmont Industries Inc.

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