As recruiters, looking after our candidates is a vital part of our everyday role. After all, if our candidates aren’t happy, we haven’t done our job! It’s imperative to maintain close relationships with them and inform them of any updates in their job search. You should also aim to accommodate their individual aspirations and personalities […]

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Filling 100,000 seasonal positions, and winning that talent back the following year,demands a compelling employer brand. It’s something a leading tax prep company does it year in, year out. But how do they achieve it? We’ve been speaking to Danielle Hilton who is Recruitment Marketing Manager at H&R Block. Have a listen to the episode […]

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Talk to anyone in business and it won’t be long before someone comments on the pace of change – whether it’s political, technological or people’s changing expectations of work. However, the big question we wanted to ask, was whether the old models of leadership skills and roles are fit for purpose in this ever-changing world, […]

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Office romances take place in every workplace, no matter where in the world you are. Some last a lifetime, literally, while others fizzle out often causing an awkward atmosphere in the office for a while. But is it really a sackable offence to get into a relationship with a co-worker? Recent research commissioned by Perkbox […]

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An inordinate amount of data passes through business email addresses every day. However, the more companies send valuable data through email channels, the more likely it is to cause security risks. With phishing emails being the most common method used by criminals, knowing the risks emails pose can make all the difference. Here, we discuss the tips and advice […]

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Talking about money is something a lot of people don’t feel confident about but there is the saying ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’ and that applies to pay too. How do you know your worth in terms of your job skills and whether what you’re being offered is the right amount? And more […]

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A key piece in identifying the right executive candidate happens before the search begins, during the engagement launch. We identify the desired education, skills, experience and cultural fit of targeted candidates and use that to bring the client an ideal set of candidates from which to choose. The art of the pivot in executive search […]

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The words ‘safe’ and ‘stable’ may not immediately sound the most engaging, but they can play a significant role in developing and maintaining an attractive workplace culture that supports highly-engaged employees. At Pure, we spend a lot of time talking to clients, and to delegates at our Best Employers Eastern Region leadership conferences, about ways […]

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Preparation, preparation, and preparation – it’s something you’ve probably told your candidates a thousand times to do ahead of a job interview. We’ve heard of the saying, ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’ and that’s something you definitely don’t want for your candidates. “We get more questions about interviews than anything else, […]

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With 80% of employees reporting that they’re too stressed in their office jobs, it’s more important than ever to facilitate employee happiness in the workplace. From snacks and a casual work environment to flexible work hours and office retreats, there are plenty of ways to show employees you appreciate them without breaking the bank. Although […]

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