I’d be very surprised if you had never used a 3M product at some point in your life. It’s probably best known for its tapes and adhesives, and possibly the trusted post-it note. But this global company has got its fingers in a lot of pies from healthcare to science, technology to automotive and the… View Article

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You expect your team to work hard, work smart, and to enjoy their work through the week. But when somebody in your crew doesn’t know how to relax after work, you are unlikely to see the best of them in the office. An employee that continues to think about work even when they’re ‘off the… View Article

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Professional development is that perk within the organization that everyone knows they have access to but is still often not utilized in a way that can help to keep the company culture and support.  Employees take university classes, get certifications, but what if professional development was leveraged to develop a spirit of inclusion and support… View Article

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In a tight labor market, it is critical to have a highly effective talent acquisition (TA) team and comprehensive strategy to engage and hire the best candidates for your organization. And as more companies look to outsource this function to get better results, a few questions arise: What’s the difference between a recruitment process outsourcing… View Article

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So you’ve registered with as many social media platforms as possible but now the key thing is to keep on top of them. The world of social media moves very fast so how can you find the time to constantly update them as well as keeping the content relevant and target? This week our team… View Article

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If you have never considered using a recruitment agency to help you find a job or even change careers then maybe you should. In March 2019 the unemployment rate in the UK hit a 44-year low. In an interview with The Guardian, John Philpott, the director of the Jobs Economist consultancy, noted: “Nobody seems to… View Article

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Have you ever considered how much activity your employees are fitting in the day. Of course, nobody wants staff who are spending hours on end making cups of tea or having extended lunches but in the UK an adult spends an average of 9.5 hours a day sedentary. A new study by Perkbox Medical, of… View Article

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Whatever your career ambitions, at the very start you need to just get your foot on the ladder and start earning some money. This is the case for everyone, no matter where they ended up, and that includes the men and women who are currently the most powerful people in the world. They may sit… View Article

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Friendly colleagues, a flexible employer, and the right digital support really help when you’re new to managing an acute illness, have a disability or an impairment. I began working at First Ark Group in 2014, as a governance administrative assistant, and three years ago my life changed completely. I went from going into hospital for… View Article

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