Every generation to enter the workforce has influenced recruiting strategy, and Gen Z is no different. What’s the new competitive edge with these diverse, tech-savvy candidates entering the workforce? Recruitment marketing. Why Recruitment Marketing Is Nonnegotiable Recruitment marketing involves developing and communicating a value proposition to candidates much like marketers do with consumers. It’s a… View Article

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With Employee Appreciation Day taking place last week, at Perkbox, we set off to uncover some of the latest trends amongst UK businesses in recognizing employees over the last 10 months. We did so by using a sample of  2,810 companies that currently use Perkbox Recognition. Amongst other things, we found that the most popular… View Article

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When it comes to a lyrical genius, they don’t come any more talented than Canadian singer Drake. But did you know his songs could help you when it comes to recruitment? Have a read of these and see if they will help you bag your next talent. 1. We could do it real big, bigger… View Article

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It’s a situation we have all faced at one time or another. You have the candidate in for the second interview, and they are, as far as you can see, ideal. The perfect experience, a personality that is a great fit for the team and they are excited about your organization. And then you mention… View Article

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A dream business team will comprise a well-balanced group of people who complement each other, challenge each other and bring out the best in each other. They will work efficiently together and be equipped and supported to achieve business objectives and results. If you are recruiting for a new candidate to join an existing team,… View Article

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With the UK’s withdrawal from the EU (probably) fast approaching and predictions of an endemic skills shortage in the medium-term, it is clear that BREXIT will have serious implications for UK employers. While much of available research has focused on the impact of BREXIT on the market for low-skilled employees from the EU, recent research… View Article

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The word “value” is something which is unfortunately not often associated with recruitment.  “Need”, yes, “Cost” definitely, but not “Value”.  My team and I want to address this, and I guess if you’re wanting to grow or sustain your recruitment business, then you do too! Being that the UK Recruitment industry is worth over £30Billion (a pretty… View Article

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Zero hours contracts have quite rightly attracted a lot of criticism, for the extent to which they’ve been abused by businesses to the detriment of employees’ rights. But might jobseekers actually start to demand them in 2019? And what does this mean for recruiters and the industry as a whole as more workers potentially look… View Article

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018 and businesses across the UK have been forced to change their systems and working practices in order to comply. However, it is still the case that a large number of organizations are making mistakes in their efforts to comply with the rules. Here… View Article

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There’s an imbalance in how much we’re getting paid – and it’s not just that the mass of people are working their socks off to get by while fat cats accumulate more wealth than they could ever need. The imbalance is that a surprising 7 in 10 of us will be successful when we ask… View Article

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