People with autism can be an untapped source of talent for employers seeking focused, dedicated workers. …read more

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Where is the line between swearing as harmless workplace banter and swearing as harmful, unlawful harassment?

Consider these two examples.

In Passananti v. Cook County, the 7th Circuit overturned a $4.2 million jury verdict in favor an employee who claimed that her boss had subjected her to sexual harassment by calling her a “bitch” on “numerous occasions” over a “progressive period of time.”

The court started its analysis of whether the use of the word “bitch” constitutes sex-based harassment by dismissing any argument that its common use has neutered the word:

We recognize that the use of the word “bitch” has …read more

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Considering that there’s only 50 or so shopping days until Christmas, the shift from managing a bad boss to dealing with a bad Santa at the office holiday party is coming fast.

But before the season turns, turns, turns, let’s take a deep breath, a cheery pull off the vat of eggnog and wince as we glance back at 2017’s bounty of bad-boss behavior that can only leave HR leaders thinking, “That Christmas tree farm in Oregon sounds pretty good right about now.”

Let’s start with co-founder and CEO Mike Cagney of SoFi, the billion-dollar student loan unicorn, who said adios …read more

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Saying “yes” more often will have positive effects on someone’s lifestyle, according to Frank Ford, the co-founder of Four Day Weekend, a comedy institution in Texas and co-author of the recently published book “Happy Accidents.” He’s had a successful career throughout the entertainment industry for the last 25 years and is applying his craft to better communications in the workplace. Workforce intern Alexis Carpello caught up with Ford to discuss his new book.

Workforce: What was the purpose of “Happy Accidents”?

Frank Ford: The goal and purpose was born out of people requesting the information that we were giving in our “yes, …read more

From:: What’s the Magic Word? ‘Yes, and’ Brings New Meaning to Workplace Communications


It’s possible to find both fit and diversity in a job candidate. In fact, one way to do that is to adopt the blind-audition approach used by judges on the TV show “The Voice.” …read more

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During open enrollment season, employees have tough decisions to make.

Keep the current medical coverage or upgrade to a more comprehensive plan? How much to put in flexible spending accounts? Increase life insurance coverage for a spouse?

HR departments across the country scramble in November and December to ensure employees read the materials and make any changes by the deadline.

In some organizations, open enrollment is a dry process with little communication and lots of paperwork. This lackluster approach squanders the once-a-year opportunity to shine a spotlight on an employer’s generosity. When perusing benefits and perks options, people should get excited. They should …read more

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A federal court has approved a $775,000 settlement in a class-action lawsuit brought against Farmers Insurance for its alleged failure to compensate auto claims representatives, appraisers and adjusters in several states for preshift work. …read more

From:: $775,000 Settlement Approved for Failure to Compensate for Preshift Work


​The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) claims by a former employee of the New York City Department of Education because her doctor did not certify the time off. …read more

From:: Court Dismisses Discrimination and FMLA Claims After Employee’s Cancer Diagnosis



Over the weekend, the New York Times reported that Bill O’Reilly paid $32 million to settle a claim of sexual harassment brought against him by a former co-worker.

Yesterday, in an interview with the New York Times, O’Reilly let his accusers have it:

It’s horrible what I went through, horrible what my family went through. This is crap. It’s politically and financially motivated. We can prove it with shocking information. We have physical proof that this is bullshit.

You can listen to the entire interview here (O’Reilly’s blowup starts at 19:30):

<iframe src="" width="220" height="150" …read more

From:: Bill O’Reilly Claiming Victim Status Is WHY We Have a Harassment Problem


It’s understandable for employers to be concerned about workers’ off-duty activities that may affect job performance or the company’s image—but employers must ensure that their policies don’t violate state laws that protect employees’ lawful conduct outside of work. …read more

From:: Can Employees Be Fired for Off-Duty Conduct?