GAI Consultants has a simple belief: As employees and leaders grow and succeed, the company will grow and succeed right alongside them.

In order to put this belief into action, the engineering, planning and environmental consulting firm created a more effective training program with clearer, more precise directions. Their training program, GAI University, was designed in 2014 to develop the skills of employees and leaders alike. The program is constantly being evaluated and reworked to suit the company’s changing needs.

The program includes a partnership with Point Park University in Pittsburgh, a tuition reimbursement program, GAI-funded technical training offered both within and …read more

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Startups have shown the ability to grow into successful organizations seemingly overnight, even as they face the myriad challenges that come with scaling a new business. Makespace, a storage and pickup company, started with four drivers, an excel spreadsheet and paper punch cards in New York City and quickly grew to 180 drivers in four cities across the country.

Because of its rapid growth, Makespace needed an easily accessible solution that could be effortlessly integrated with its payroll. So in 2013, they turned to Deputy.

Deputy is an online human resource and employee management system that aims to help companies with employee …read more

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When hoping to grow the company’s workforce, SDI Gas LLC faced a unique challenge: Americans not seeking operations work. The company set out to share the benefits of working in construction.

Roundtable discussions with longtime employees and new hires helped the human resources team to develop a talent attraction strategy without the help of outside consultants. They dubbed the initiative R3, standing for recruit, retain and reactivate.

Creating websites and brochures and attending trade shows were the first steps to educating and reaching potential hires. This included four websites, which the team overhauled from clunky to streamlined and mobile-friendly. Simplification and easier-to-read …read more

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Most businesses agree that employee wellness in the workplace is vital to help prevent lack of productivity and performance. Maintaining and learning how to have a healthy lifestyle isn’t only a personal achievement, but it creates a better work environment for an employee.

Baylor College of Medicine launched a five-year strategic plan that created a wellness program called BCM BeWell. The wellness program has won numerous local and national awards. BCM BeWell’s most recent award was being awarded in the top five “2016 Healthiest 100 Employers in America” by Springbuk Inc., a health analytics software company.

Most companies worry about failing without …read more

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“Happy 50th birthday! It’s all downhill from here.” “We are a ‘young’ company. Would he fit in?” “You’re on Snapchat? Really?” “Isn’t she too young to lead that team?” Language focusing on workers’ age–whether young or old–opens the door to discrimination claims, AARP’s Jean C. Setzfand told the SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition. …read more

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Dear HR sisters and brothers:

The recent Harvey Weinstein allegations have caused an outpouring of personal experiences with sexual harassment shared under the hashtag #metoo. What is deeply disturbing are the accusations that HR has been complicit and has failed to take appropriate action to address this scourge.

In Laurie Ruettimann’s Oct. 18 Vox post, “Let’s face it. HR is powerless to help women who are harassed,” she suggests that many of you are simply ignoring complaints of sexual harassment in your workplaces because HR’s function is to protect the company from employment-related risks.

Is that really how HR is thinking?

It …read more

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The Queensland Parliament passed the Work Health and Safety and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, which introduced new industrial manslaughter provisions. …read more

From:: Australia: Industrial Manslaughter Now a Crime in Queensland



China Gorman will lead the Unleash HR technology conference in the spring.

When human resources leaders talk about China there’s a fair chance they’re referring not to the Asian nation but to China Gorman, the one-time Great Place to Work CEO, former Society for Human Resource Management chief operating officer and longtime industry thought leader, adviser and speaker.

HRN, a European-based event organizer that’s behind a fledgling U.S. HR technology conference, is counting on Gorman’s strong personal brand and deep industry connections to boost its presence stateside.

The outfit tapped Gorman Oct. 23 to manage its North American operations, including helping it rebrand …read more

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San Francisco-based Lever, one of the so-called next-generation talent acquisition systems upending the traditional applicant tracking system because of its integrated approach to hiring, is gaining recognition not only for its technology, but also for its commitment to diversity and inclusion. …read more

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Pay-for-performance systems may be built on faulty assumptions, calling into question the link between incentive compensation and outstanding work. …read more

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