Calif High Court to Review Meal and Rest Period Premium Calculation Case

Employers must pay a wage premium if they fail to provide a legally compliant meal period or rest break to employees in California. The state high court recently agreed to weigh in on how the rate should be calculated.

Judge Explains Her Decision to Block California’s Ban on Mandatory Arbitration

California employers breathed a bit easier when a federal judge indefinitely paused a law aimed at preventing employers from using mandatory arbitration agreements. Now, the judge has issued an order explaining her reasons.

What California’s Latest Bag Check Case Means for You

In a unanimous decision, the California Supreme Court held that the time spent by employees waiting for and undergoing security checks of bags and other personal items is compensable time under California law, even when the policy applies only to employees who choose to bring personal items to work.

Tips for Creating Multipurpose Accommodation Rooms for Employees

Employers with limited space may not be able to provide a separate room for each accommodation. So here are some ideas for creating a multipurpose room to accommodate various employee requests.

Head Chef Not Entitled to Overtime Pay Because Executive Exemption Applied

There was enough evidence to support a jury verdict in favor of a restaurant in a chef’s lawsuit for overtime pay, a California appellate court ruled.

3 Key Updates for California Employee Handbooks

Employment laws are always changing, especially in California. That means businesses should be reviewing their employee handbooks and making any necessary updates.

California Worker Can Sue over Incorrect Employer Name on Pay Stub

A worker could proceed with his lawsuit alleging that his former employer violated California law by providing wage statements with an out-of-state fictitious business name of the company, a California appeals court ruled.

California’s PAGA Law Poses Huge Risks for Employers

The California Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) has been instilling fear in employers for years, because of the huge potential for penalties. Employers have been facing a barrage of PAGA claims, and all companies should be aware of the risks.

California Freelancers Might Get Relief from AB 5’s Strict Limits

A controversial new independent-contractor standard in California limits the number of works businesses can accept from freelance journalists. After facing backlash from the freelancer community, the bill’s sponsor said she is working to update and clarify the legislation.

Governor Already Planning Big Changes to California Leave Laws

As California employers continue to grapple with recent legislation that become effective Jan. 1, California Gov. Gavin Newsom is releasing his plans for even more employment legislation.