A provision in an arbitration agreement that allowed either party to appeal an initial decision to a second arbitrator cannot be enforced, a California appeals court…

A trial court should not have dismissed a claim filed by a teacher against a school district alleging that the district failed to accommodate her “electromagnetic hypersensitivity.”

Is the California Supreme Court about to make it more difficult to dispose of whistleblower retaliation claims? That may well be the case. The state high court has…

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has been amended several times since it passed in 2018—and employers should be aware of how those changes affect the workplace.

An employee who said he was experiencing headaches and needed to follow up with his doctors did not make a request for medical leave under the California Family Rights Act, a California appeals court ruled.

An employer could not have been aware that a former employee’s actions were intended to oppose age discrimination against another worker, so the employee’s retaliation claim failed, a California appeals court ruled.

Several cities in California have passed premium-pay ordinances mandating additional pay for certain grocery store and drugstore employees.

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) published more answers to frequently asked questions on the state’s new pay data reporting requirements. Employers must file reports by March 31.

Two truck drivers seeking to bring a class action against their employer did not have to arbitrate their claims because the employer waited two years to demand arbitration, a California appeals court ruled.

​An exempt employee who entered into an agreement with her employer to reduce her salary and hours was not entitled to damages when her hours increased but her salary did not, a California appeals court ruled.