Mandatory Retirement Plans – CA law now requires CA employers not already offering employer-sponsored retirement plan to begin retirement plan withholdings – either to an employer-sponsored plan or to Cal Savers.  Employer participation is mandatory and registration deadlines vary based on employer size. For more information, please visit 

    • More than 100 employees – deadline was September 30, 2020
    • More than 50 employees – deadline is June 30, 2021
    • Five or more employees – deadline is June 30, 2022

This will be the starter subject at our February 26, 2021 Coffee and HR Convo – our Members Only networking monthly Zoom call.  


Are you a California employer with 5 or more employees? Do you employ minors?  If yes to both, as of 1/1/20 your human resources employees and frontline supervisors and managers are considered Mandated Reporters under the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Law. This means these employees must be provided appropriate training in child abuse and neglect identification and training in child abuse and neglect reporting.  

We have good news for you – there is a local non-profit in our area that provides this training for FREE – Pathways to Hope for Children.  They offer this training monthly.  Check it out to get your staff trained and meet these requirements.  The link is on Northstate facebook page as well.   

This will be the subject of our January 22, 2021 HR Coffee and Convo.

HR Coffee and Convo.  We are excited to have something new for SHRM MEMBERS – the opportunity to network with your fellow HR professionals in NSSHRM, hear about other HR experiences, share your HR experiences, learn about best practices and lessons learned, and hopefully get to know each other a little better. This will be a voluntary, no registration, free, informal 1-hr Zoom gathering, come if you can. 

We will have a starter topic that varies each month, and once we are done with that topic, it’s whatever is on your minds or on your desks – issues, questions, ideas, solutions. Let’s help each other be the best we can be.  

Keep an eye out for emails for HR Coffee and Convo. If you are a SHRM MEMBER and do not see these emails, please contact  

We are scheduling them for the 3rd Friday each month (with a couple exceptions), our next Coffee and Convo is scheduled for Friday, January 22, 2021 at 8am – starter subject is the Mandated Reporter Training Requirement.