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New Tax Law, and Other Potential Reforms, May Change How Harassment Claims Are Resolved

Bruce Sarchet and Corinn Jackson, both with Littler’s Workplace Policy Institute, discuss how the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affects the terms of settlement agreements used for sexual harassment claims. They address how the new law alters business expense tax deductions related to such settlements. They also review several additional federal and state initiatives […]

“It’s the Culture, Stupid”: Transforming Today’s Sex Scandals into Tomorrow’s Strides for Women at Work

It’s 2018, but the sexual harassment scandals and #MeToo movement that closed out 2017 are sure to shape the year – and years – ahead. From Hollywood Boulevard to Main Street, USA, no industry has been spared. But for all the turmoil that business leaders are either witnessing or enduring, they may have an opportunity […]

Down the Rabbit Hole: Will 2018 Bring Changes to California PAGA Actions?

Bruce Sarchet and Corinn Jackson, both with Littler’s Workplace Policy Institute, review the status of the California Private Attorney Generals Act, which authorizes employees to recover penalties for many Labor Code violations. They discuss how PAGA currently operates, explore open questions concerning the law, and summarize the recent employee-friendly Lopez v. Friant & Associates appellate […]

Heads-Up for Public Contractors: Prevailing Wage Trends and Potential Exposure

Russ McEwan, significantly experienced in construction and prevailing wage requirements, discusses key issues facing government contractors with fellow Littler attorney Kurt Rose. Russ addresses the expansion of prevailing wage obligations in public construction work and common employer compliance hurdles. Russ and Kurt also review the typical life cycle of a prevailing wage dispute and potential […]

As of January 1, Salary History Is Officially History in California

Bruce Sarchet and Corinn Jackson, both with Littler’s Workplace Policy Institute, explore the nitty-gritty details of California’s new salary history inquiry ban. The new law – which takes effect January 1, 2018 – prohibits employers from relying on, or seeking out, pay history information about job applicants. Bruce and Corinn discuss the evolution of California’s […]

How Non-Profit Legal Services Groups Help Employers Support Their Employees

In this podcast, Shareholder Sherril Colombo explores how legal services programs can benefit employers by supporting employees as they navigate non-workplace-related legal issues. Sherril sits down with Jacqui Ledon and Claudia Welsh from Legal Services of Greater Miami, who describe the free services that can be offered directly to individuals, and the organization’s community education […]

Keep Calm and Carry On: HR Must Stay Grounded If Leadership Is Accused of Harassment

In this podcast, Helene Wasserman, co-chair of Littler’s Jury Trial and Litigation Practice Group, discusses how Human Resources personnel should respond if presented with harassment allegations – particularly if those complaints are lodged against high-ranking leadership. She addresses why workers often don’t speak up about harassment and how this trend may shift in light of […]

Are Your Compliance Training Efforts Keeping Pace With Industry Standards?

As 2017 winds down, and the window closes to complete any mandatory training, Kevin O’Neill, Senior Director of Littler Learning Group, chats with Dawn McKenney-Maxwell of Littler’s Knowledge Management team about employer training initiatives. Kevin identifies hot topics – social media and bystander training, for example – and reviews employer anti-harassment training duties, particularly in […]

Getting Ahead of the Curve: How the Use of AI in HR Benefits Employers and Candidates

Dr. Zev Eigen, Global Director of Data Analytics with Littler, hosts Athena Karp, CEO and founder of HiredScore, for this next installment of the Big Data Initiative Podcast series. Athena describes HiredScore’s ability to use AI to learn about client data and then harness that data to prioritize applicants and streamline the hiring process. Zev […]