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New and Already Improved! California Clarifies Its Salary History Ban

Bruce Sarchet and Corinn Jackson of Littler’s Workplace Policy Institute discuss recently-adopted amendments to the California salary history ban. Although the ban took effect this past January, the original statute left open numerous important questions. Bruce and Corinn review the new definitions included in the amendments, which clarify when employers must provide pay scale information […]

Spotlight on Positive Employee Relations Training: How Employers Can Reap the Benefits of Employee Engagement

In this podcast, Littler attorneys Michael Kessel, Russ McEwan and Alan Model, out of our Newark office, discuss the importance of cultivating “employee engagement” to foster a productive, invested workforce. They also describe the new Littler Positive Employee Relations Series, which offers customized, intensive training to supervisors on the causes of negative morale and then […]

Investigations in the #MeToo Environment: The Importance of Planning Before A Harassment Complaint

Jennifer Youpa, a shareholder in Littler’s Dallas office, and Kevin O’Neill, Senior Director of Littler’s Learning Group, discuss the importance of harassment complaint investigations in the #MeToo climate. As Jennifer and Kevin explain, investigatory responses can no longer be “one size fits all,” especially with the possibility of the viral disclosure of allegations or incidents through social media. In this podcast, Jennifer and Kevin reveal strategies and trends they have seen as they conduct training for employers on sexual harassment and related issues. …

Building Better Workers: How Apprenticeship Programs Can Benefit the Construction Industry

Developers and contractors in the construction industry have seen an increasing shortage of qualified labor in recent years. Apprenticeship programs are one way to attract workers to the industry and help them develop the skills necessary to succeed in the long-term. The current administration is taking steps to foster and expand regulated apprenticeship programs in […]

Don’t “Panic”: A New Legislative Trend for Hotel Employers?

Bruce Sarchet and Corinn Jackson, both with Littler’s Workplace Policy Institute, discuss a noticeable trend developing in the hotel industry. They review the burgeoning popularity of laws requiring hotel employers to provide certain workers – primarily guestroom cleaning staff – with panic buttons to be used in emergencies, including instances of sexual harassment by guests. […]

The Wild West: A California Legislative Round-Up

Bruce Sarchet and Corinn Jackson, both with Littler’s Workplace Policy Institute, discuss developments from the ongoing California state legislative session. Bruce and Corinn review key labor and employment measures under consideration in Sacramento, including a spate of bills aimed at curbing sexual harassment. They highlight numerous noteworthy measures on a range of topics, covering wage […]

“It’s the Culture, Stupid” (Part II): But Companies Cannot Bear the Burden Alone

Last month, we focused on what courageous steps organizations will have to take in response to emerging cultural shift reflected in movements that include “#MeToo” and “Times Up.” However, if meaningful culture change is going to ever happen, is too much of the national conversation focused on what companies need to do? Join Littler Principal […]