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Federal Court Blocks California’s Ban On Mandatory Arbitration Agreements

California employers just received a last-minute reprieve from complying with a newly enacted law that aims to prevent them from utilizing mandatory arbitration agreements with their employees – at least for now. A federal court just this morning granted a temporary restraining order requested by a coalition of business groups that presses pause on the […]

NLRB Confirms Prohibiting Use Of Company Equipment, Including Work Emails, Is Lawful

The National Labor Relations Board decided yesterday that employees have no statutory right to use an employer’s equipment, including work emails and IT resources. Therefore, employers may legally restrict the use of their equipment, such as work emails, even for union organizing activities or for other activities protected under Section 7 of the National Labor […]

NLRB: Employers May Require Confidentiality In Workplace Investigations

The National Labor Relations Board just ruled that employers may now require confidentiality from employees involved in open workplace investigations. Importantly, yesterday’s decision in Apogee Retail LLC resolves conflicting commands from the Board and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regarding investigation confidentiality that has plagued employers for years.

EEOC Scraps Policy That Took Aim At Mandatory Workplace Arbitration

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission today withdrew its 1997 policy statement that had disapproved of the practice of requiring workers to enter into arbitration agreements to resolve workplace discrimination claims and instructed its staff to proceed with claims against employers despite the existence of such agreements. The move, following two decades of Supreme Court decisions […]