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The 7 Main Takeaways for Healthcare Employers Now That OSHA Has Finally Unveiled Its Long-Awaited COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard

Almost six months after President Joe Biden directed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to determine whether emergency temporary standards (ETS) concerning COVID-19 were necessary, OSHA finally issued the long-anticipated ETS late last week. In an interesting twist, however, the ETS applies only to employers who provide healthcare and healthcare support services. OSHA explained on […]

Workplace Safety Co-Chair Talks to SHRM About OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard

In an interview with SHRM, Todd Logsdon provides his initial reaction to the much-anticipated Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), which provides workplace safety guidance for healthcare employers dealing with COVID-19. Todd notes that “[f]or the most part, it will be a formalization of what [healthcare employers] have been doing for the last 12-15 months.” The article […]

Massachusetts Retailers: Juneteenth Premium Pay Obligations Begin This Year

Last summer, as part of a COVID-19-related spending bill, the Massachusetts legislature added Juneteenth Independence Day (June 19) to the list of premium pay holidays in the Commonwealth’s “Blue Laws.” Juneteenth now joins New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Veterans Day as holidays where retail employers must pay a […]

Workplace Safety Partner Provides Media with Initial Reaction to OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard

In an interview with Government Executive, Patrick Dennison provides his initial reaction to the much-anticipated Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), which provides workplace safety guidance directed at healthcare employers dealing with COVID-19. Patrick explains that “there were no major surprises” as “many of the requirements [of the ETS] were included in COVID-19 standards already implemented in […]

More Lawsuits Are Challenging Employer Mandatory Vaccination Policies, Relying More on Fear, Hyperbole, and Misdirection Than Law or Science

Invoking horrific images of Nazi war crimes and employees allegedly being used as “human guinea pigs,” a new round of lawsuits are challenging employers’ rights to enforce mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirements in Texas, North Carolina, and New York. While their litigation has attracted considerable media attention and fuels strong emotions, these plaintiffs still appear to […]

Two Key Takeaways from Texas’ New COVID-19 Vaccine “Passport” Ban for Businesses and Employers

On the heels of Florida’s highly publicized COVID-19 vaccine passport ban, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced on Tuesday via Twitter that he too had signed a law banning Texas businesses from requiring vaccine passports under certain circumstances. Passed during the concluding days of this year’s legislative session, Senate Bill 968 mirrors an earlier Executive Order […]

Oregon Noncompete Law is Changing (Again): What Employers Need To Know

Oregon lawmakers recently passed legislation that will create additional hurdles for employers who are seeking to protect their interests through noncompete agreements. Senate Bill 169, one of the three noncompete bills introduced during this legislative session, will significantly modify Oregon’s noncompete statute by (1) reducing the maximum length of a restricted period from 18 months […]

Fisher Phillips Expands in San Francisco

Fisher Phillips, one of the Country’s preeminent labor and employment law firms representing employers, announces the addition of two attorneys in San Francisco. Tomiwa Aina joins as an Associate and Aaron Cargain joins as Of Counsel. Aina represents employers on all aspects of labor and employment law including class actions, discrimination, and harassment claims. In […]

Second Time’s the Charm? California Set to Amend Pandemic-Related Workplace Safety Rules

After a rollercoaster meeting yesterday where it originally voted down the proposed revisions, Cal/OSHA’s Standards Board eventually adopted proposed revisions to the Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) that will establish COVID-19-related workplace safety rules for California employers. Now, the Standards Board will submit the proposed revised ETS to the Office of Administrative Law, which will have […]

COVID-19 Whistleblower Lawsuits Continue to Target Healthcare Employers, Revealing Risks of Hasty Decision Making

Fisher Phillips’ COVID-19 Employment Litigation Tracker continues to report that the healthcare industry is the hardest hit by COVID-19 employment litigation. As of the beginning of June, more than one in five of every pandemic-related lawsuit filed across the country had been filed against healthcare employers: 540 out of just over 2,400 cases, or 22.5% […]