Following racially fraught incidents, checking for evidence of racism has become a key litmus test for corporate recruiting and hiring. Companies can no longer afford the fallout of installing candidates with problematic pasts in top positions.

An employee who signed an acknowledgment that he had received the company’s employee handbook agreed to an arbitration agreement contained in the handbook, a California appeals court ruled.

Alma Miranda was excited about landing a job at a company with a reputation as a great place for women to work. Her enthusiasm deflated quickly. Miranda started as an accountant at North Chicago-based pharmaceutical firm AbbVie Inc. right as the pandemic hit the U.S. last spring, and was quickly thrust into juggling her new paying job with an unpaid position as de facto teacher to her three young children. Miranda says her bosses piled on assignments and ignored her requests for a slower pace un

Companies like Twitter and Square recently announced their employees could work remotely forever. But, while remote working can provide many opportunities for the companies of today, longstanding adoption is only beneficial if the transition is completed in the right way. Here are the vital steps leaders should take to ensure successful, long-term remote working: Develop a…

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